Wednesday, 30 December 2009

New poster!

Tim Walker has always been one of my favourite photographers. His work has always interested me and been a source of inspiration. For Christmas I was given this poster, its a photo of Lily Cole in India by Tim Walker. This is my favourite Walker images.

Colour wise the image is dominated by a kind of faded blue but the intensity of this looks amazing. I think the use of the blue wall really compliments the blue dress and having the dress layed out onto the floor draws the eye down and through the whole image. I like the contrast between old and new in the image, it makes me taken in all the detail because the dress and the setting are so different.

I love this image and will also find it inspiring and interesting. I like everything about it. I think I will also look at it as a piece of work to be inspired by.

To see more of his work heres his website

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