Wednesday, 30 December 2009

New poster!

Tim Walker has always been one of my favourite photographers. His work has always interested me and been a source of inspiration. For Christmas I was given this poster, its a photo of Lily Cole in India by Tim Walker. This is my favourite Walker images.

Colour wise the image is dominated by a kind of faded blue but the intensity of this looks amazing. I think the use of the blue wall really compliments the blue dress and having the dress layed out onto the floor draws the eye down and through the whole image. I like the contrast between old and new in the image, it makes me taken in all the detail because the dress and the setting are so different.

I love this image and will also find it inspiring and interesting. I like everything about it. I think I will also look at it as a piece of work to be inspired by.

To see more of his work heres his website

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

The Channels

These are a few photo's from a series that Mark Borthwick did for Pop magazine. He is well known for opening the back of his camera at unexpected moments. I like the effect this gives. I kind of surreal quality with the intense red, yellows and oranges. I think with out this light effect a lot of his picture could be a bit boring, but with the light the photographs are interesting and different.

Pop said that they wanted him to create a dream like quality and I think he has managed to do this. This is one of my favourite images. I think the leaves kind of look like feathers on a Indian headdress. I like how the light is so bright and shines through the leaves in section. I think this is ones of his best images as its really simple but very eye catching.
The photos are taken from the series the Channels from Issue 21 Autumn Winter POP.

Friday, 18 December 2009

December posts

Sally Mann

I really liked Sally Mann's work and I always thought of her work as quite a distinctive style. Because most of the work that I have seen of hers has been Immediate Family. But when looking through one of her other books I found some photographs that were differnt to what I expected. They were titled 8x10 polaroids 1983. I really like the textures she captured by having the fabric and flowers half submergered in water.

I also love the soft washed out colours of the flowers they really compliment the floaty feel to the image. With the use of water it makes the fabic have a weightless feel so it kind of drift in mid air. I think it looks dreamlike.

This works makes me want to experiment with water and fabric as well.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Anna Wolf

I found this photographer Anna Wolf the other day. I think her photographs are really beautiful. I really like how she uses natural light. It kind gives the photographs a relaxed feel. Nearly all her image have a quite a soft atmosphere to them and they are really pleasing to look at. I like how she has a variety of personal and commercial work on her site. I think you can see how her personal stuff has influenced her fashion and advertising. I especially like the use of Polaroids in her advertising.

I find her work really inspiring as this is the kind kind of photography I would like to produce myself. When I look at her images they have a really natural quality about them that's nice to look at. On a lot of her pictures I think they look like a memory. I think this is because of the light. Often its a hazy kind of golden glow or a kind of cold blue.

I think her website layout is interesting as well. Its a bit different to most photographers websites.