Tuesday, 22 December 2009

The Channels

These are a few photo's from a series that Mark Borthwick did for Pop magazine. He is well known for opening the back of his camera at unexpected moments. I like the effect this gives. I kind of surreal quality with the intense red, yellows and oranges. I think with out this light effect a lot of his picture could be a bit boring, but with the light the photographs are interesting and different.

Pop said that they wanted him to create a dream like quality and I think he has managed to do this. This is one of my favourite images. I think the leaves kind of look like feathers on a Indian headdress. I like how the light is so bright and shines through the leaves in section. I think this is ones of his best images as its really simple but very eye catching.
The photos are taken from the series the Channels from Issue 21 Autumn Winter POP.

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