Monday, 18 April 2011


Last week when I was talking about the Criminal competition I said Sarah Buck was going to do a post about me, well she has done it and you can read it here. It was so lovely reading what she had to say about my photographs. She is an amazing artist herself, praises from her is a great compliment.

I'm doing my Will-o-the-Wisp shoot on Wednesday. I have been having some very exiting conversations with the lovely Miss Clare Greathead, she has a lovely little blog too. We have decided on some big bright panda eye which should give an ethereal feel to the model. A bit like this but bigger, brighter and generally better ...

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Will o the wisp light experiments

So this past week I have been experimenting with differnt types of film and light to find out what the best effect is for my Will o the Wisp project. I like the night shots better as I think they have more potential at communicating the story behind the images but shooting in the day would much easier. I definatly learnt that a very good tripod is needed more than one assistant and lost of lights. All of these photos where taken using a very wobbly tripod which mayeb long exposure difficulty. Also it was sooooo hard to focus on my model as the light became less. The Will o the Wisp is all about light so for the black and white images I tried to use spot lights to refect on the clothes that the model wore. It hasn't worked as well as I hoped it would but there is still a bit of reflection. With the colour images I shot earlier in the evening when the sun was setting. I tried to experiment with multipul exposures as I want my model to repesent the uncertainy and mythical element of the Will o the Wisp. The exposues where a bit weak and needed more time. But overall the test shoots where really interesting and I learnt alot from doing them.

I'm doing my final shoot next week!

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Criminal Clothing

So 2 weeks ago something pretty exciting happened...
I won the Criminal Clothing advertising campaign that I blogged about last time! So now I am featured on the House of Fraser website!! And... I have a window display in the Bournemouth store! If your in Bournemouth you should go check it out. The competition was against 6 other students from my course. There images and links to the website are also on the House of Fraser website. I also got interviewed by my uni for a press realise. You can read it here. Annnd Sarah Buck is going to do a little piece on me on here blog. :)