Thursday, 29 April 2010

Anyone for water?

The past few days I have been doing some admin stuff for Owen. While doing this I was also experimenting with photographing something that seemed ordinary and boring, and trying to make it exciting. So I chose a water bottle. I mainly experimented with different lighting to try and create different atmosphere to the product. I focused on only having a small amount of light highlighting certain aspects of the bottle. Therefore juts giving the audience an idea of the bottle shape and function. I shot it from a slightly lower angle than the bottle so to highlight the length of the bottle (hopefully making the viewer think about the volume it can hold).

When I edited I just removed a few dust spots and a few reflection in the bottle. Overall I like the final outcome but it is a bit too dark. PWC would have a fit if he saw it because it wouldn't basically black! I think it needs to have a few more highlights and maybe the bottle fades into the background a bit to much and to quickly? But for just and experiment it looks nice.

When doing the tag line I was thinking about how how the bottle was simple, easy, it held a large amount of liquid, it was quite masculine. So I came up with the line 'quench your thirst' and 'made for real drinking'. Aladdin is the brand of the bottle. I really did not know how to use make the text eye catching and complimentary to the image so Owen did the text and showed me some simple stuff to that could make it better. I like what he has done, I would never have thought about putting the text down the side. I think it kind of looks like a movie poster?

Friday, 23 April 2010

Look look a film, want to see?


Owen and I decided to do a little photo-shoot with the company Retromania in mind. This is company that has an office in the same building as Owen's. We borrowed a few o their clothes and decided that we wanted to do a fashion/advertising shoot which contrasted the vintage clothes with an urban background. Before doing the shoot did research into old images and looked at the lighting, poses and general style of the images. Here are the images that we took:

Owen photographed me and I photographed Owen so we both had a go at being the model and photographer. Got some really funny looks walking round London like this but was really good fun. Owen did all the post production on the images.

We tried to keep a theme of lots of shadows and averting eyes.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Paper isn't dead

For this shoot I had to throw loads of paper at the camera while Owen photographed its movement. He photographed it in different stages of being a paper airplane and being screwed up. I had to throw and drop the paper at different points of closeness to the camera. The aim of the this was to create and interesting images using something that was boring and plain. The idea that paper isn't dead came from the though that the office is technology dependent meaning less paper waste but yet we still use so much of it! Therefore we thought about the idea of creating and advert for a paper shop showing how their paper is exciting, versatile and quick.

The editing took the most time on this image as each piece of paper had be cut out, then all of the cut outs had to be pieced together like a jigsaw puzzle to create one image where the paper looked like it was flying out at you. Starting as a screwed up all of paper, then being folded out into airplanes.

I did the cutting out of the images but Owen created the main image.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

A little bit of photoshop

On 31st March I had my first day of placement which was where I met Owen Roseblade for the first time. We talked about what I would do on the rest of my placement time and how long it would be for. On that day I assisted Owen as he photographed a musician.

Now I'm back at Owen's doing placement again and he gave an image to play around with on Photoshop. On this I had to remove some things from the background and the soft box reflections in her eyes. I enjoyed doing this as an experiment. Was Interesting to try and make different reflections as I had never done anything like this before.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

What did I do this weekend....

On Saturday I did another day's placement with Owen. I assisted him shooting a wedding, but I also did some of my own images that Owen is going to use. This is one of the best:

I really enjoyed this day as I had the freedom to shoot my own stuff and the security that Owen was doing the main photos so I could shoot what I wanted. It was also really useful to observe how Owen interacted with the guest and got them to interact with the camera. Because we were always on the move we had minimal equipment and I had to learn to move and react quickly to different situations.

Here's the link to the whole album, which my image has been used as the front cover! (All Photoshop editing done by Owen Roseblade)

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

India style

I keep on seeing loads of Indian headdresses at the moment and really like them. It makes me want to use them in a shoot. These are some images that I found that are my favourite. I don't know who took these but I find them well inspiring.