Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Anna Wolf

I found this photographer Anna Wolf the other day. I think her photographs are really beautiful. I really like how she uses natural light. It kind gives the photographs a relaxed feel. Nearly all her image have a quite a soft atmosphere to them and they are really pleasing to look at. I like how she has a variety of personal and commercial work on her site. I think you can see how her personal stuff has influenced her fashion and advertising. I especially like the use of Polaroids in her advertising.

I find her work really inspiring as this is the kind kind of photography I would like to produce myself. When I look at her images they have a really natural quality about them that's nice to look at. On a lot of her pictures I think they look like a memory. I think this is because of the light. Often its a hazy kind of golden glow or a kind of cold blue.

I think her website layout is interesting as well. Its a bit different to most photographers websites. www.annawolf.com

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