Monday, 30 November 2009


This week I found a site called Tumblr. Its a kind of blog where people upload random stuff they like, photos, quotes, illustrations ect. It mainly seems like its photographs that get posted. I've found it really interesting looking at the things that get posted. It kind of give an insight into what the person posting personality, what they find interesting. I find seeing so many different styles of photography really inspiring as well. It seems quite different to the photography I normally look at. Its mainly photo's linked from Flickr, but I think the images reflect the passion of the photographer, showing their love for capturing a moment. And I like how these images are then appreciated by people posting them on their Tumblr page to share with everyone else.

I think the creativity shown is really interesting and it inspires me to make more spontaneous photographs. But I think that if I wanted my images to be used in a more professional way then I wouldn't want my photos to be linked to think site. Because I think that even though this is a good way of seeing new photos it isn't the best way to get your self out into the world as a photographer. This photos' are generally just pretty or funny and because there are so many posted all the time I think it devalues the beauty of a single image. The viewer is constantly wanting to be satisfied by a new image so will only take a few glances at each image posted. Instead I want my photographs to be viewed and appreciated rather than briefly enjoyed but never remembered.

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