Wednesday, 27 January 2010


For my essay I have been researching Bollywood, Hollywood and Nollywood. I found the photographer Pieter Hugo had done a series of images on Nollywood Horror. he uses alot of superstision and local myth. I looked through the series and thought they were interesting and differnt from any other photograohy I had seen. But I don't really like them. I found alot of it not nice to view. But I think for me what I like most about photography is how it can capture beauty. But I don't find these images beautiful. Although I do think they are cleaver and show Negerian film culture.

I read an article on him, I liked this quote when talking about this photograph:

"A famous western cinematic symbol upon a body totally unhindered by western decadence, representative of an African culture that intends to be influenced by the west but not so much that it loses touch with itself"

I like the quote becasue I think it shows how Nollywood intends to have its own identity rather than become a clone of Hollywood which I think would be assumed that it would as a natural progrestion. I think people in the west can assume that western culture is the 'correct' way to be and other cultures should be striving to become like the west. But i think this photograph shows how Negeia is developing in its own way and doesnt need to try and be a copy of Hollywood in order to appear correct.

So even though I don't particularly like the images, I think they are important.

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