Friday, 15 January 2010

Lara Jade

Me and my housemate where showing each other photos that we liked the other day and she showed me this photographer, Lara Jade.

I found her work interesting as she uses light in different ways. I saw that in a lot of her work she used light to flare in part of the image, like in the ones above. I liked this because its kind of a rule not to photograph into direct light but she has used it to her advantaged so that her images are eye catching. I think if she hadn't done this technique then her images wouldn't be as interesting and would be a bit normal and boring.
Here's a couple more of her work, I like how she uses black and white and colour. I really like the
image to the right, it looks like a double exposure which is interesting as it gives a kind of dreamlike quality to the image.
In a lot of her work there looked like there was a lot of Photoshop which I don't normally like but I think she has done in quite well and it doesn't look to over the top.
When I looked into her a bit more I found out that she is only 2 years older than me! This was inspiring as she was so young but already doing so well and her images looked great.
Here's more of her work

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