Tuesday, 19 January 2010

I like these...

I often go on Tumblr and look at photos of things I find inspiring, interesting or just different. Here are 2 I really liked. They both have layers of different images, kind of like a double exposure. This technique adds texture and depth to the images. I like it because even not all the detail in all the layers can be seen there is just more depth to the image.

I like how it makes the photographs a bit fussy and they don't seem perfectly in focus. I think this adds to the dreaminess of the photos and creates a mystical feel. I like how images of leaves and flowers have been layed over the portraits given a kind of natural feel to them.

Recently I've been interested in double exposures and I really want to start experimenting. These photos are a good reference point for me. I would like to also use leaves and people in my images. I think this could create really interesting patterns and shapes.

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