Thursday, 29 April 2010

Anyone for water?

The past few days I have been doing some admin stuff for Owen. While doing this I was also experimenting with photographing something that seemed ordinary and boring, and trying to make it exciting. So I chose a water bottle. I mainly experimented with different lighting to try and create different atmosphere to the product. I focused on only having a small amount of light highlighting certain aspects of the bottle. Therefore juts giving the audience an idea of the bottle shape and function. I shot it from a slightly lower angle than the bottle so to highlight the length of the bottle (hopefully making the viewer think about the volume it can hold).

When I edited I just removed a few dust spots and a few reflection in the bottle. Overall I like the final outcome but it is a bit too dark. PWC would have a fit if he saw it because it wouldn't basically black! I think it needs to have a few more highlights and maybe the bottle fades into the background a bit to much and to quickly? But for just and experiment it looks nice.

When doing the tag line I was thinking about how how the bottle was simple, easy, it held a large amount of liquid, it was quite masculine. So I came up with the line 'quench your thirst' and 'made for real drinking'. Aladdin is the brand of the bottle. I really did not know how to use make the text eye catching and complimentary to the image so Owen did the text and showed me some simple stuff to that could make it better. I like what he has done, I would never have thought about putting the text down the side. I think it kind of looks like a movie poster?

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