Friday, 13 August 2010

The beauty of wedding photography

I haven't been very good with blogging recently, but my excuse is that I have been a bit distracted with getting married.

While preparing to get married these past few months the only images I have really been looking at are wedding related. I have seen some amazing photography, mostly from this site which has the some of the most beautiful detail photos. I loved looking on this website mainly for inspiration for my own wedding but also I just because the photography is pretty and makes me want to make prettyphotographs. But most of the photographs are quite similar with only the people and colours changing,so it can feel like you looking at the same images all the time. However sometimes you can find some really gems that are different, which capture something real and honest about the big day rather than just the standard expected shots.

I have to admit that quite a lot of the time I think the pictures look to cheesy and there isn't that much personality to the images. The photographer seems too busy concentrating on trying to make the photos look like something out of a fashion shoot that it stops being about the uniqueness of the couple. Instead the pictures look too perfect to be real. I preferred the detail shots as they were great inspiration decorations, co
lours and quirky stuff for my own plans.

I like this persons wedding pictures much better as they capture the real day. Not just the day which looks out of a magazine perfect, but the actual day. Which in my opinion looks a lot better than most of the fancy American weddings from the first blog. Ironically as I went on to Hannah B's blog to get the link she has posted her thoughts on weddings. She has managed to write everything I have been thinking and trying to say, so take a look at hers... What she writes here really sums it up

But there’s a danger, I think, that some of these blogs turn weddings into something a bit ....odd, an aesthetic focused design fest rather than the real, life changing gritty reality of the commitment.

I love the photos from the style me pretty blog, I think they are so pretty and could defiantly be used as reference to fashion or produce photography, its just they are sometimes focusing too much on the perfect prettiness of it all and lacking a real heart to the day. However photography isn't the problem, its more to do with the whole industry of weddings and what society is being conditioned to think a wedding has to be (again Hannah B talks about this on her post).

On a side note one of the other reason I love Hannah B's photos is because they were taken on Polaroid. It makes me want a Polaroid camera so much.

This is photo from my wedding. I like it because I didn't realise it was being taken so I think there is a more 'real' feel to it. I suppose it just that it wasn't posed for so its all natural and captures the moment. It was taken by my friend Jess. You can see her work here.

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