Thursday, 22 April 2010

Paper isn't dead

For this shoot I had to throw loads of paper at the camera while Owen photographed its movement. He photographed it in different stages of being a paper airplane and being screwed up. I had to throw and drop the paper at different points of closeness to the camera. The aim of the this was to create and interesting images using something that was boring and plain. The idea that paper isn't dead came from the though that the office is technology dependent meaning less paper waste but yet we still use so much of it! Therefore we thought about the idea of creating and advert for a paper shop showing how their paper is exciting, versatile and quick.

The editing took the most time on this image as each piece of paper had be cut out, then all of the cut outs had to be pieced together like a jigsaw puzzle to create one image where the paper looked like it was flying out at you. Starting as a screwed up all of paper, then being folded out into airplanes.

I did the cutting out of the images but Owen created the main image.

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