Saturday, 13 February 2010

New York

Miroslav Tichy...... In New York I went to the ICP and saw the exhibition on Tichy. At first I was really unimpressed with the exhibition. I thought the images were just a bit pervy and weird. But as I kept on look at them i started to really like them.

I loved the idea that Tichy used homemade camera's and developed all his own images on homemade enlargers. All the images were 'imperfect' in some way but to me this made them even more interesting as they had a depgth and texture. I loved how the paper was often ripped or dirty.

Alot of his images were also framed by home drawn frames. I thought this was really interesting and this added to the home made and'imperfect' feel. I enjoyed reading about the his work through the exhibition and I felt that I understood alot more about his work after reading.

I enjoyed his work so much that I bought his book.

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